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Dan Yellow KUHNE
Dan Yellow Kuhne (b. 1942) grew up within a few blocks of the Baltimore Museum in Maryland, which he visited frequently. He said he was “floored” in his early 20s by an exhibition of German Expressionism. He also stated that he first understood the rhapsodic nature of painting at 23, while attending Turner: Imagination and Reality at the Museum of Modern Art. Kuhne exclaimed that Turner hit him “with the impact of a locomotive bursting out of the mists.”

Dan Yellow Kuhne entered the Washington Color School in the early 1970s after graduating from the University of Maryland where he studied alongside prolific DC artists such as Gene Davis. Within the color school, Kuhne created his infamous Dog Eared series which totaled approximately 45 canvases. Kuhne still creates works today that focus on a continued interest in strong contrasting colors and aggressive, imaginative forms. Kuhne creates his forms through a mixture of water, gravity and paper texture. He has held one man exhibitions at the University of Maryland and the Phillips Collection and group exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Corcoran Gallery.

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