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Robert Slutzky (1929-2005) was an artist, theorist, teacher, a graduate of The Cooper Union and Yale, and a Professor in Architecture and Art at The Cooper Union and the University of Pennsylvania. His paintings explored the relationship between architecture and modern art, a subject he passionately taught to his students and wrote about in Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal. He was concerned with color and abstract form, and the many dimensions they can inhabit. His compositions of brightly colored geometric shapes with grids and lines created a two-dimensional architecture, where space and transparency were utilized to transform the plane. His abstract paintings reflect strong influences of Mondrian, van Doesburg, and his teacher Josef Albers. Slutsky also collaborated with many well-known architects, including John Hejduk, Richard Meier, and Peter Eisenman.

His exhibits include: Robert Slutsky: 50 Years of Painting, Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; Cooper Union New York, NY; Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; cHUbE/cHrOME, Architekturmuseum (AM) Basel, Switzerland; Modernism Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Anchorage Foundation, Houston, TX; and Landmark Gallery, New York, NY.

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